Circa 1990's, rare Steeda ROH ZR6 wheels. There were only a few sets of these made for Steeda, and ROH continued production of these wheels with a different center cap for several years. afterwards.

17x8.5 5x4.5" Offset - Not sure

These will fit any 79-93 Mustang with 5 lug conversion, and any 94-04. I had these on my Saleen years ago. Overall condition for the age of the wheels I would give them a 7 out of 10. They have not been mounted on a car since 2001. 2 wheels have tires (need replaced) and the other 2 no tires.

I was going to put these on my Coupe when I did my 5 lug conversion, I just never got around to it. And since I'm trying to sell my Coupe as well, I might as well sell these and try to raise the money that I'm needing to get finances straightened out.

$400 obo.

They look just like these, except they have the Steeda emblem in place of the ROH, and they don't use a "set screw" to hold the center and plate in place, the center screws in like a knock off wheel spinner.